Feedback — Week 5 Quiz

Question 1

How is a post-election audit different from a full manual recount?
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Post-election audits may only check a sample of ballots rather than all the ballots Correct 1.00
Total 1.00 / 1.00

Question 2

Machine assisted audits…
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Compromise ballot secrecy for increased integrity Incorrect 0.00 Actually, because the ballots can be shuffled before having serial numbers printed on them, it does not violate ballot secrecy any more than traditional ballots would
Total 0.00 / 1.00

Question 3

How does open-ended testing differ from conformance testing?

(Check all that apply.)

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Open-ended testing is able to find all the problems with a system, while conformance testing is not Correct 0.20 Actually, not finding problems in an open-ended test does not mean that there aren’t any
Conformance testing allows for more feedback that election officials can use to understand the security of a voting system Incorrect 0.00 Either kind of testing can provide large amount of feedback to election officials
Conformance testing is mainly concerned with finding vulnerabilities Correct 0.20 Open-ended testing focuses on finding vulnerabilities; conformance testing checks for a set of required mechanisms
Open-ended testing is what most of the researchers discussed in this course performed on election systems Correct 0.20
Open-ended testing requires testers to think like an adversary, while conformance testing uses a predefined check list approach Incorrect 0.00
Total 0.60 / 1.00

Question 4

In the context of voting, regulatory capture is…
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where a voting machine is not tested based on legal regulations for security prior to an election Incorrect 0.00
Total 0.00 / 1.00

Question 5

Which of the following voting technologies can provide software independence?

(Check all that apply.)

Your Answer Score Explanation
Lever machines Correct 0.20 While lever machines do not have software, a change in the lever machines internals could result in an undetectable change in an election
Paperless DREs Incorrect 0.00
Machine-assisted optical scan Incorrect 0.00
DRE with VVPAT Incorrect 0.00
Paper ballots Correct 0.20
Total 0.40 / 1.00

Question 6

What are some reasons end-to-end verifiable voting might not be adopted?

(Check all that apply.)

Your Answer Score Explanation
Many voters may not understand the complications of the system Correct 0.25
It may be more expensive to run than existing technology Correct 0.25
End-to-end verifiable voting violates ballot secrecy for users that want to verify how they voted Incorrect 0.00 Actually, this is something the end-to-end verifiable voting system aims to prevent
Existing solutions in widespread use are already end-to-end verifiable for voters that choose to do so Incorrect 0.00
Total 0.50 / 1.00

Question 7

In an (ideal) end-to-end verifiable voting system…

(Check all that apply.)

Your Answer Score Explanation
voters are able to verify that their votes were counted as cast Correct 0.25
voters are able to verify that all votes were counted as cast Correct 0.25
voters are able to determine how others voted Incorrect 0.00
only the voting machine that counts the votes must be trusted as not malicious in order to have confidence in the outcome Correct 0.25 Actually, the goal of end-to-end verifiable voting systems is to allow for software independence, where no software or machine is trusted to be non-malicious with respect to integrity
Total 0.75 / 1.00

Question 8

In a machine-assisted audit, ballot numbers are printed on ballots after they have been cast because…
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It helps protect ballot secrecy in later audit stages Correct 1.00
Total 1.00 / 1.00

Question 9

Which of the following are difficulties with regulations for voting systems?

(Check all that apply.)

Your Answer Score Explanation
Regulatory capture Incorrect 0.00
Regulations are slow to adapt to new voting technology Correct 0.25
Regulations are ineffective against insecure private companies Incorrect 0.00 Actually, since the regulations dictate what jurisdictions are allowed to buy, regulations greatly influence the private companies manufacturing voting machines
Regulations reduce the transparency of a voting system Incorrect 0.00 Actually, it’s possible for regulations to encourage or require better transparency in a system
Total 0.25 / 1.00

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